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  • Mobile Dosing Complex DK-36 buy wholesale - company Златоустовский Завод Бетоносмесительного Оборудования | Russia
Mobile Dosing Complex DK-36 buy wholesale - company Златоустовский Завод Бетоносмесительного Оборудования | Russia
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Златоустовский Завод Бетоносмесительного Оборудования

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The mobile dosing complex DK-36 (mobile) is installed on a flat, solid platform, the manufacture of the foundation and skip pit is not required. The loading height of the bins is 4 meters, the loading width is more than 3.3 meters. Three hoppers are mounted on a special frame, the volume of each hopper is 12 cubic meters. meters. On each bunker, two sector valves Camozzi (Italy) and vibrators-shaker OLI (Italy) 6 pieces are installed. To ensure the operability of the dosing complex, it must be connected to the compressed air line with a working pressure of 0.6 ... 0.8 MPa. Inert conveyor under the bunkers on 4 Cas load cells (South Korea), total weighing weight 8 tons. The control panel for the dosing complex is installed in a place convenient for the operator. (ordered separately) Inert (sand, sifting, crushed stone, etc.) are fed into the hopper using lifting mechanisms, such as a front-end loader. To protect large fractions from entering the hopper, hoppers with a cell of any size can be installed on the hopper upon request. Further, all work is carried out using the remote control by the operator of the dosing complex (it is possible to supply the dosing complex with an automatic PA control panel to control the dosing complex in automatic mode). Using the switches, the shutter of the first hopper opens and the main dose of the first component is supplied. Precise subsidy is carried out by pressing a button and pulse opening the damper. The operator monitors the set of the required dose on the digital display of the scoreboard, which is located on the control panel. If it is difficult to feed the inert hoppers, the operator briefly presses the button and activates the OLI vibrators-shakers (Italy) on the desired hopper. As the dose is set and weighted, the operator turns on the conveyor drive and the weighed inert dose enters the receiving hopper. Then, in the same sequence, the next component is fed and weighed from the second hopper. After unloading the dispenser-inert conveyor, the dispensing cycle is repeated. Dosing cycle no more than 12 ... 20 seconds. Available in protective zinc coating. The coating is applied by cold galvanizing.