Welcome to the Jey Today Global B2B Marketplace.

This platform is focused on wholesale and searching for products and services on the domestic and foreign markets.

Jey Today appreciates its customers. We regularly receive feedback from our users. Your questions help us change, develop and improve the product.

We have collected the most pressing issues arising during the registration and use of the site here.

How can I register on the Jey Today B2B Marketplace?

Go to: https://jey.today/en/signup to sign up.

What accounts can I create on the platform?

Customer account

You are the buyer of products/services if you filled form in the Personal Settings section or Personal and Corporate Settings section during registration, but you did not post the products/services.

Supplier account

You are a Supplier of products if you choose the Production Company or Trading Company account type and added products while creating an account in Corporate Settings section.

You are a Supplier of services if you choose the Service Company or Logistic Company account type and added services while creating an account in the Corporate Settings section.

IMPORTANT! You can't change this account type after you save it.

State Institution account

You are a State Institution or a Public Organization If you choose the type of State Institution account when creating an account in Corporate Settings. IMPORTANT! You can't change this account type after you save it.

How can I add my products/services?

You will see the buttons: Publish Products and Publish Services after creating a Corporate Account in the My Account section.

You will be taken to the Basic Information section by selecting the required button. There you have to write the name of the product/service, select the Wholesale Price or the Negotiated Price, describe the characteristics of your product/service in detail.

You will be prompted to select the category(s) to which your product/service belongs in the next section. We decided to help in choosing a category because our catalog is really large. You can follow this link, and we will determine the category for your product/service ourselves if it’s difficult for you to find a suitable category.

Next, you will need to upload no more than six images (JPEG, PNG). The images must be in the shape of a square, otherwise the program will automatically trim them and they can be spoiled. Importing products/services into your account from other resources is not available now.

How can I use a Request for Quotation?

You can write the name of the product/service you are looking for in the Buying Request section. Describe the necessary characteristics (delivery terms, payment terms, quantity, etc.) briefly and select the categories in which suppliers have placed their products/services. Suppliers will receive these requests and respond to you. Offers from them will come to you on an online chat. You'll discuss all the further terms of the deal there.

What is B2B Chat?

B2B Chat is a real-time messenger. You'll always be aware of events. When you receive a chat message, you will receive a notification by mail. We made the chat simple and convenient for you. The chat icon is located in the top menu as a white letter.

This section is a priority. It focuses on many processes of interaction between the parties to the transaction: business correspondence, price requests, secure transactions, and more.

Where can I find information about personal and corporate settings, my products/services?

Where can I find information about personal and corporate settings, my products/services?

How can I find customers or suppliers faster?

In order to receive offers to buy or sell, as quickly as possible, you need to:

  • enter all data of corporate settings in detail;
  • fill in all data on products/services as fully as possible.
  • track messages in B2B Chat.