• Winter Concrete Batch Plant FLAGMAN-90
  • Winter Concrete Batch Plant FLAGMAN-90
  • Winter Concrete Batch Plant FLAGMAN-90
Winter Concrete Batch Plant FLAGMAN-90 Winter Concrete Batch Plant FLAGMAN-90 Winter Concrete Batch Plant FLAGMAN-90
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Winter Concrete Batch Plant "FLAGMAN-90"


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Winter concrete plant "FLAGMAN-90" - work is carried out automatically according to the principle of one button. The operator needs to select the brand of concrete (M50 ... M500) and its quantity for loading, press the start cycle button. Execution of the concrete plant is all-weather. The PA2.0 control panel is located inside the insulated case of the plant. The case is equipped with three insulated windows, and a door, for visual control by the operator of all plant operations. The concrete plant and the insulated body are mounted on a frame that is installed on a flat platform, without using a foundation, while a skip pit is not needed. The BP-2G-2250s twin-shaft concrete mixer is installed on a flyover with a discharge height of 4 meters. The concrete mixer has a skip for lifting and loading the mixture. For storage and inert dosing: DKM-54 dosing complex. Inert are stored in bins, the number of bins 3 to 18 cubic meters. meters, the total volume of bunkers 54 cubic meters. meters. A belt conveyor-dispenser is installed under the hoppers, on which the components are dispensed, the components are fed from the hoppers by opening the Camozzi air locks (Italy). When you set the required dose of inert, the conveyor is turned on and inert are fed into the skip, which lifts the components into the concrete mixer. The bunkers are equipped with registers for heating inert materials in the cold period of time and insulated lids for protection against atmospheric precipitation. The concrete plant is equipped with heating registers for service areas. All registers are connected to the steam piping system to connect any type of steam generator. Cement is stored in a special warehouse - cement silo (not included in the basic package). The silo for cement must be selected based on the two daily supply capacity. To supply cement from a silo to a cement dispenser, it is necessary to purchase a screw of the required length. Cement silos, silo harness and screws are always available in stock in Zlatoust! Manufacturer "SCUTTI" (Italy) Using a screw, cement is fed into a dispenser DC-900 (cement weighing limit of 900 kg), in which dosing takes place, as necessary, the cement is dumped into the concrete mixer. Water is dosed using the DVT-450 water dispenser. All components of the mixture are mixed, after obtaining the necessary homogeneity of the mixture, the Camozzi air lock opens and the mixture is unloaded into a concrete mixer or a receiving hopper. Chemical additives are dosed using a dispenser of chemical additives DHT-60 for 60 liters. The duration of one cycle is 55 ... 60 seconds, 1.5 cubic meters are produced per cycle. A concrete plant with a zinc protective coating is available. The coating is applied by cold galvanizing.


ZZBO (Россия, Златоуст) Златоустовский Завод Бетоносмесительного Оборудования. Дата основания ZZBO — 20 февраля 2003 года. Состав ZZBO: Двенадцать производственных цехов (общая площадь цехов более 22 000 м2), современное технологическое оборудование (обрабатывающие центры ЧПУ-автоматы, сварочные посты полуавтоматы, установка ЧПУ плазменной резки, ЧПУ гильотины и станки гибки, ленточные пилы ЧПУ, литейный участок, окрасочный цех с дробеструйной обработкой и покрасочной камерой, цех порошковой окраски, цех цинкования деталей). Наш технологический процесс — это оптимальная схема производства, которая позволяет сократить издержки на производство, продажи и логистику, поэтому Заказчик получает продукцию по минимальным ценам и с высоким качеством. Персонал ZZBO: Численность работников на предприятии на ноябрь 2018 г. – 282 человека. Собственный конструкторский отдел, отдел по гарантии, отдел по запчастям (склад насчитывает более 25 000 единиц запасных частей), отдел по пуско-наладке, отдел продаж, отдел технического контроля и т.д. Сертификаты ZZBO: В 2011 году на все оборудование, выпускаемое предприятием, получены сертификаты соответствия ГОСТ. В 2013 году предприятие получило сертификат ISO-9001-2011 на соответствие системе менеджменту качества. В 2016 году предприятие получило европейский сертификат качества EC. В 2017 году предприятие зарегистрировало товарный знак ZZBO в качестве международного товарного знака по Мадридской системе.

Company : Златоустовский Завод Бетоносмесительного Оборудования

456216 Russia Chelyabinsk Region Златоуст ул. Суворова, 57

Website : https://zzbo.ru/

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