Diesel Generator Kipor KDE 16 EA3 at wholesale

  • Diesel Generator Kipor KDE 16 EA3 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
Diesel Generator Kipor KDE 16 EA3 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
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ООО «ИФК»Титан74»

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Diesel generators Kipor are autonomous power plants designed for use as a power source with a voltage of 230/400 V, frequency of 50 Hz. All models in this series are easy to handle and maintain.

Scope: It can be applied in commercial and social organizations, special services and the private sector: - construction companies, contractors; - trade organizations, shops, car washes, gas stations; - Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergencies, emergency services, utilities; - hospitals, schools, kindergartens; - country houses, cottages.

Engine: power plants Kipor use modern three-cylinder engines with a water type of cooling, a well-known manufacturer Daihatsu. The long service life of power plants Kipor is due to the use of a highly efficient engine cooling system and the use of high-quality components: - the crankshaft and crank mechanism parts are treated with high-frequency currents; - the cylinder liner is made of wear-resistant cast iron; - valve seats are made of high quality chrome-tungsten alloy.

Generator: diesel generators Kipor are equipped with a generator with an electronic voltage regulator providing a high level of output voltage stability and overload resistance.

Control panel: The following are located on the control panel of diesel generators Kipor: - signal lamp of low oil pressure; - circuit breaker (protects power plants from overloads); - built-in voltmeter (for monitoring the output voltage); - thermal circuit breaker with protection against short circuit (turns off the generator in emergency situations); - fuel gauge; - sockets, output voltage terminals.

Advantages: - All power plants Kipor are equipped with a decompressor to facilitate engine starting. - In power plants, a system for protective shutdown of the engine is provided (it makes an emergency stop of the station when the oil pressure is reduced). - A capacious fuel tank ensures a long operating time of the power plant. - The built-in fuel level sensor allows visual monitoring of the remaining fuel. - The design of all models provides for the presence of damping pads, significantly reducing the vibration of a running engine. - Kipor power plants are compact and modern in design, which makes it convenient to operate, maintain and store power plants.

Options: - Convenient electrical start-up system; - New AVR (automatic voltage regulator); - Strong metal frame; - Automatic shutdown system at low oil level; - Digital control panel; - Button emergency stop power; - 2 sockets for 220 V; - 12V output.

Warranty: All diesel generators Kipor have a 12-month warranty. The supply of spare parts, warranty and after-sales service is carried out by the TSS Group Service Center.