Diesel Generator TSS SDG 6000EH3 at wholesale

  • Diesel Generator TSS SDG 6000EH3 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
Diesel Generator TSS SDG 6000EH3 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
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ООО «ИФК»Титан74»

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The diesel generator with electric start TSS SDG 6000 EH3 is designed to generate electricity with the main characteristics: voltage 220-380 V, frequency 50 Hz and a rated power of 6 kW, equipped with a wheel kit for ease of movement.

Application area:

A three-phase diesel generator with a maximum power of 6.5 kW will perfectly cope with the creation of backup power in the event of a power outage and guarantees stable operation as the main power source, provided that it is necessary to connect three-phase 380V consumers.
The Russian three-phase diesel generator can be used in car service, construction, emergency services, as well as in small businesses, to connect household appliances or construction tools. For example, in a car service, you can connect a three-phase compressor for the operation of car lifts, at times of power outage.

It is necessary to take into account that the "Star" connection scheme used in the TCC three-phase diesel generator allows, when the load is connected to the 220V single-phase connector, to obtain a useful removable power of only 2 kW.
A diesel generator 6 kW is powered by diesel fuel (DT). Recommended operating oil SAE 10W30.

Design Features:

Single-cylinder four-stroke engine with air type cooling

Electronic ignition does not require additional settings, which simplifies engine maintenance over the entire service life

An intelligent module with a multi-function display offers an effective way to control operation parameters (the display shows the hours of operation (hours) of the diesel generator, voltage, current frequency)

Electronic voltage regulators provide a high level of stability of the output voltage and resistance to overloads.

Thermal circuit breaker for protection against overload and short circuit

Electronic emergency protection system (monitors the operation parameters of the station and, if necessary, turns off the generator, including overload or low oil level)

The increased fuel tank provides autonomous operation of the unit for 5.5 hours, taking into account the cooling mode


Engine oil pressure indicator

Thermal circuit breaker

Fuel level sensor

Hour meter



Sockets: 220V - 16A 1 pc. (European standard) and 380V - 32A 1 pc. (Industrial), which allows you to connect different power tools

12V output for battery charging

Plug, for connecting a common load, 2 pcs.

Set of 12 volt wires


Instruction manual and manufacturer's warranty card

Warranty and after-sales service:

TCC diesel generators have a 12-month warranty.
The network of authorized service centers of TCC Group of Companies ensures the supply of spare parts, routine maintenance, warranty and post-warranty services in all regions of Russia. It compares favorably with TSS products from most competitors.