Diesel Generator TSS АD-16S-Т400-1RМ5 at wholesale

  • Diesel Generator TSS АD-16S-Т400-1RМ5 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
Diesel Generator TSS АD-16S-Т400-1RМ5 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
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The Russian diesel generator - TSS Prof 16 kW (22.5 kVA) AD-16S-T400-1RM5 is serially produced at the facilities of a modern production complex and is intended for the construction of primary and backup power supply systems. The excellent characteristics of the TSS Prof series diesel generators are composed of many factors, including the choice of the most modern engine models, frame design features, the properties of synchronous generators and many others.

The diesel generator set (DG) TSS Prof 16 kW is universal in terms of applications and can be operated as:

- The main diesel generator (PRIME);

- standby diesel generator (STANDBY);

- a diesel generator with auto start (requires an ABP unit);

Application Options:

This model can be used in any industries and in any areas where a reliable source of reliable power supply of appropriate power is required, for example:

- diesel generator for car service;

- diesel power station for the home;

- The main generator for the store;

Diesel engine

The design of this model of a power plant uses a modern and economical TSS Diesel TDY 19 4L diesel engine, which has 4 cylinders arranged in a row. An important detail - this engine is designed specifically for use as part of generating plants and its design features are aimed at the most efficient operation in all modes of power generation. The engine displacement is 2.54 liters, and the maximum power is 21 kW. The model is equipped with a mechanical speed regulator and a turbocharged intake system.

Alternator Features

This model uses the reliable synchronous brushless TSS SA-16 generator, which has the IP21 tightness class and is equipped with the SHUNT excitation system. The alternator is responsible, as part of the generator set, for the quality of the generated electric current and for the stability of its characteristics, these parameters affect the options for using the power plant as a whole. This model is produced on modern equipment, using the technology of the American company Stamford, which is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of such devices.

Diesel generator control system

The ergonomic and functional power plant control cabinet ТSS is manufactured using a reliable and tested component base at the facilities of a modern production complex. The TSS Prof diesel power plant control system is built on the basis of the Smartgen HGM-6120 multifunction controller, which is well known to the power engineers of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many other countries of the world. The Smartgen controller is fully configured in the factory to control the operation of the installation in all normal modes and has interfaces for connecting to a PC and external devices. A Russian-language, simple and intuitive interface will help you quickly master the installation management.

Advantages and features of a diesel generator

- high-quality powder coating of power plant components;

- high level of autonomy on the integrated fuel tank - more than 23 hours of operation at a load of 75%;

- a welded frame made of durable metal, equipped with vibration mounts and grooves for convenient movement by the loader;

- DG TSS Prof, with equal characteristics and warranty periods, has a twice more favorable cost in comparison with similar models of European and American manufacturers;

- affordable consumables throughout Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Union;

- This model was originally developed for operation in Russia and with domestic fuel and lubricants;

- feedback from DG TSS Prof received from customers not only confirms the compliance of the actual characteristics with the declared ones, but also testifies to high reliability during operation in a very wide range of climatic conditions;

- the complex of characteristics of the TSS Prof diesel power plant allows it to be used in such demanding areas as electricity, such as medicine or the oil and gas industry;


An extended warranty is valid for the TSS Prof. AD-16-T400-1RM5 diesel generator: 3 years or 2,000 operating hours, whichever comes first.

IMPORTANT - the warranty period for this model exceeds the warranty periods of many other brands of DGU, which indicates the increased reliability of diesel generator sets of the TCC series Prof.

Certification and compliance with Russian standards

This model has a certificate of conformity C-RU.AG75.B.18854: compliance with GOST R 53174-2008, GOST R 51318.12-99 (SISPR 12-97), GOST 12.1.012-2004, GOST 12.1.003-83