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Diesel Generators buy wholesale - company ООО «Universal Pro-Tech» | Uzbekistan
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The purpose of the installation is the conversion of mechanical energy (rotation of the crankshaft of a diesel internal combustion engine) into electrical energy (generated by an alternator). Unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel and operating conditions, the relatively low cost of generated electricity favorably distinguish diesel generators from counterparts using gasoline fuel. The undoubted advantage of the devices is low operating costs. Only one drawback is the increased noise level, but even here compensation can be traced in the use of noise protection covers. Diesel generators have been widely used as autonomous sources of primary or backup power supply. The main source means the complete absence of a centralized power supply network, and the backup one means the functioning of a centralized network with malfunctions. The main task of a diesel generator in both cases is to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the user.
In the form of a backup power source, diesel generators can be used:
• in the offices of banks;
• at industrial enterprises;
• in trade organizations;
• in medical, preschool and school institutions;
• in storage facilities.
The use of a diesel generator will allow to avoid equipment shutdown (including security or medical), to save material assets (for example, products in freezers), to continue the functioning of institutions in normal mode. Is it worth mentioning the fact of power outages, the consequences of which are inexorably bear budget losses: from insignificant to large-scale, depending on the situation. In the form of an autonomous main power source, diesel generators are widely used where the central power supply system is either completely absent (remote cottages, shift of the village, farms, etc.), or the costs of its installation are much higher than the costs of purchase and further operation of a diesel generator.