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Diesel Generator ТSS АD-150С-Т400-1RМ5 buy wholesale - company ООО «ИФК»Титан74» | Russia
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Open diesel power station ТSS Prof 150 kW (187.5 kVA) - АД-150С-Т400-1РМ5 is designed and produced in series to meet the energy needs of various consumers in the source of constant or backup power supply. The set of characteristics of this model of a domestic diesel generator is quite comparable in its values ​​with similar power models of leading world brands. The ТSS Prof series is built on diesel engines of the latest generations, which have excellent indicators of efficiency and reliability, which is a distinctive feature of these models.

Diesel generator TSS Prof 150 kW is a universal source of power for the widest range of facilities and is intended for use as:

- The main diesel power station;

- backup diesel power station;

- diesel power station with auto start (additional equipment required);

Application Options:

This model of a power plant is designed for operation in industrial enterprises, warehouses, medical and other facilities. Examples of possible operating options:

- diesel power station for the bakery;

- backup generator for a medical center;

- diesel generator for a warehouse;

Engine of diesel power station TSS Prof

The basis of this model of the generator set is an economical and reliable diesel engine with electronic speed control - TSS Diesel TDS 168 6LTE, which has 6 cylinders in a row design, which develops up to 185 kW of maximum power. The engine is manufactured using the most modern technologies and was originally designed to build power generation systems. The working volume of this engine model is 6.5 liters, and the air intake system is made using turbocharging.

Synchronous generator

This DGU is designed and mass-produced using the reliable TSS SA-150 alternator, providing not only high characteristics of the produced electric current, but also their stability in all operating modes of the installation, which is important in almost all areas of application. The line of brushless synchronous generators TSS SA is made on modern equipment, using advanced technology developed by Stamford. The alternator has an IP21 tightness class and is manufactured with the SHUNT excitation system. The complex of advantages, advantages and characteristics of this model makes it possible to use DGU based on it when powering the most critical facilities, including educational, medical, telecommunications and others.

Control cabinet for diesel power station

For models of the TSS Prof series, they have developed their own power plant control cabinets (ShUE), which are ergonomic and highly functional. As standard, the control system is provided with a control system based on the Smartgen HGM-6120 multifunction controller, which has a Russian-language interface and can be connected to a PC and other devices. The DGU controller is fully configured in the factory to maximize the disclosure of the capabilities of the engine and generator that are part of the installation under any operating conditions.

Features of a diesel power station

- factory powder coating of power plant components;

- the optimum level of autonomy due to the volume of the built-in fuel tank - more than 14 hours of operation at a load of 75%;

- a frame welded from durable metal, provided with effective means of damping vibrations and grooves of movement with a forklift;

- Russian industrial diesel power plants TSS Prof, having sets of characteristics and a warranty period similar to those of similar products from European, American and Japanese manufacturers, has a twice more affordable cost;

- consumables and spare parts are available throughout the vast territory of Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Union;

- This DGU model was originally designed for use in Russia and with domestic fuel and lubricants;

- feedback from TSS Prof series diesel generators received from customers not only confirms that the actual characteristics are consistent with the declared ones, but also indicate high reliability during operation in a very wide range of climatic conditions;


An extended warranty is valid for the TSS Prof. AD-150S-T400-1RM5 diesel generator: 3 years or 2,000 operating hours, whichever comes first.

IMPORTANT - the warranty period for this model exceeds the warranty periods of many other brands of DGU, which indicates the increased reliability of diesel generator sets of the TCC series Prof.

Certification and compliance with Russian standards

This model has a certificate of conformity C-RU.AG75.B.18854: compliance with GOST R 53174-2008, GOST R 51318.12-99 (SISPR 12-97), GOST 12.1.012-2004, GOST 12.1.003-83