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Virgin Olive Oil Natural Olive Oil is a source of healthy living - Lower in saturated fat, Infused with a touch of fig leaves for a sweet, smooth taste with gentle hints of spiciness.it is produced in accordance with organic standards and Best quality olive varieties have been used.Traditional methods were used in the production and packaging stages.Our completely natural oil will be indispensable to your meals. The acidity is higher than 0.8 %.It is called VOO among the people shortly



Olive Oil is produced after a long and laborious process. It is pure olive oil which is crushed in olive stone mills. When we compare the olive oil produced in this way with other olive oils, it can be said that it is richer in terms of the values used in production.Olive Oil does not contain any additives and preservatives, Free fatty acid in olive oil up to 0.8%. This is the traditional method of production and the product is extremely natural and healthy.
In contrast to the traditional olive oil production model, the production with a 2-phase decanter and 3-phase decanter is an extremely modern production model.
The remaining core, shell and pulp, after the squeezing of the olives, constitute the wastes in the pyrina decanter model.

Because water is added to the decanter in the 3-phase production system, most of the phenolic compounds pass into the decanter wastewater. However, in the 2-phase production system, most of the phenolic compounds remain in olive oil since there is no water inlet.
However, in the production of 2-phase decanter, most of the water-soluble polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants, are formed, thus producing more durable olive oil.
We are able to produce in the form of 2-phase decanter and 3-phase decanter in line with the expectations of our customers except traditional production model

Olive Oils Land

The Olive Oil Factory, OliveOilsLand® implants flavors with extra virgin olive oil, for example, sundried tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, lemon, chipotle peppers, and substance of dark truffle. It additionally injects sweet flavors in balsamic vinegar that has been matured for a long time. The Olive Oil Factory – OliveOilsLand® is thought to be one of the best Olive Oil Factory in the International olive oil market. Its Olive Oil is natural. OliveOilsLand® is one of the most popular high-quality olive oil manufacturers in the world. We are one of the largest manufacturers of olive oil and table olives in Turkey and we have a production and transport capability of 2000 tons and export our products to multiple packaging areas worldwide. Our only task is to produce olive oil and table olives in International Markets The olive tree is now more than 6000 years inextricably linked to the history and culture of Turkish land and the world.

Company : OliveOilsLand

35600 Turkey İzmir Izmir Tuna Mah, 1671.SK , 105/3 Office : 601

Website : https://www.oliveoilsland.com/

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