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Air Conditioning Equipment TEXA Konfort 705R OFF ROAD buy wholesale - company
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Konfort 705R OFF ROAD is a completely new installation for refueling and maintenance of air conditioners from the Italian company TEXA. This model only works with R134a refrigerant.
It differs from the base model Texa Konfort 705R in the presence of a stopper of the scales and increased "all-terrain" wheels.

KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD is the latest “entry level” refueling unit for air conditioning systems. Designed by TEXA in order to offer mechanics the ability to use a simple but complete installation to carry out all operations for diagnosing and filling air conditioners with R134a refrigerant.

Texa Konfort 705R OFF ROAD is equipped with two larger diameter wheels, which are filled with a special foam that protects against punctures. The front wheels are replaced with a sturdy metal beam to increase stability.

For stable operation in the field, the Konfort 705R OFF ROAD is equipped with a scale lock. This modification avoids calibration problems caused by shock when moving the unit on an uneven surface.


- Compatible with R134a only.

- High visibility 4x20 LCD display

- DATABASE MANAGEMENT and implementation of services using SD.

- One-stage vacuum pump,

- Automatic oil injection (timed).

- 2 manual control valves for service hoses.

- Methods of functioning:

- Multilingual software coverage (Russified menu).

- Automatic compensation for the length of service hoses.

- Automatic maintenance warning.

- As an option to this installation, you can purchase a thermal printer


Automatic installation of refueling auto air conditioners

Manufacturer - "TEXA"

Model - Konfort 705ROFFROAD

Country of Origin - Italy

In stock. In stock

Warranty - 12 months.

Refrigerant - R134a

Menu Language - Russian (multilingual)

Way of work - Automatic

Types of supported vehicles - Passenger, commercial, special equipment

Refrigerant Evacuation - Automatic

Vacuum Leak Detection - Automatic Leak Check

Oil pumping - Automatic

Oil Injection - Automatic (on time)

Refrigerant Charge - Automatic with electronic balance

Heated / Locked Indoor Tank - No / Yes

Auto Car Wash Function - Yes

A set for washing the pipelines of car speaker systems - No

Refrigerant Type Identification Kit - None

Printer - Option

Internal cleaning system when changing the type of oil - Yes

Saving refueling data on a memory card - Yes

Embedded Database - Yes

Quick Hose Fill Hose Kit - Yes

The length of the service hoses is 3 m.

Sd card with database. New / Old Oil Bottles - Yes

Adapter for external refrigerant bottle. Power Cable - Yes

Instructions in Russian - Yes

Dimensions / Weight - 1064 x 598 x 613/80 kg.

Display - LCD blue 80 characters

Low and high pressure gauges - Pressure gauges 80 mm Pulse free

Refueling accuracy / Tank volume - ± 15 g / 10 kg.

Pumping speed / Compressor type - 330 g / min, tight 12 cm3

Vacuum Pump - 100 L / min Single Stage

TEXA developed the KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD, an air conditioning system refueling unit for the old R-134A refrigerant, based on the KONFORT 705R model, intended for field mechanics working in the fields, often transporting a gas station in a car, etc. The design feature of the KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD gas station is two oversized wheels filled with special foam that protects against punctures and damage. Instead of the front wheels, like all TEXA KONFORT 700 series gas stations, the KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD is equipped with a sturdy metal beam that increases stability and stability in extreme conditions. The third and most important feature of the KONFORT 705R OFF ROAD gas station for car air conditioners is the locking of the scales. It allows you to avoid any calibration problems caused by shock, load on the scales when moving the installation on rough and uneven terrain.