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Green Tube HPO washing system for washing building facades of windows, greenhouses, greenhouses, solar panels

Country of origin - Italy

Manufacturer - IPC Portotecnica

1 year warranty + service


Without pump

Productivity of pure water, depending on supply

Inlet pressure min 3.0 atm

Maximum working height 10 m

Productivity up to 150 m2 / hour

GreenTube HighPure HP0 Basic

The trolley is equipped with chamber wheels for better maneuverability.

Flow control valve included as standard.

Equipped with pressure gauge / flow sensor for continuous monitoring of membrane pressure and water flow.

Drain valve.

Brass pressure relief valve.

Sediment filter. Removes particles larger than 5 microns from water.

Activated carbon filter. Removes chlorine from water, which can damage the reverse membrane.

Specifications Basic Model HPO:

Input / output connectors. (GAS) 3/4

The system is not equipped with a pump.

It is not recommended for applications requiring water supply to a height above 8 meters.

Mfr. pure water flow (l / min.) - The pressure of the water supply line is used.

Working pressure (bar) min. 3 bar

Max. working height (m) - 10

Productivity (m / h) up to 150

Weight (kg) 32

Dimensions (LxWxH) (cm) 53x50x127

HP0 - The approximate data are indicated, the value depends on the pressure in the water supply line; water supply line pressure

Reverse Membrane - Eliminates up to 98% of contaminants and salts.

Resin cartridge deionizer - Removes sedimentary salts, bringing their amount to 0 ppm.

HP0 - Standard Equipment:

- Membrane reverse

- Set of filters:

- sediment filter

- activated carbon filter,

- cartridge deionizer

- Flexible hose with fittings, 30 m

- Solemer

- Flow control valve

- Grease for sealing

- Powder for cleaning

- Membrane filter gaskets