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  • Beauty Products for Legs Perfect Legs buy wholesale - company СП «БЕЛИТА» ООО | Belarus
Beauty Products for Legs Perfect Legs buy wholesale - company СП «БЕЛИТА» ООО | Belarus
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Your legs are exposed to daily stress - give them unrivaled care, freshness and lightness with the line “PERFECT FEET”. The cosmetics of the line are developed taking into account various needs for foot care and carefully take care of the beauty and health of the skin. Regular use of the PERFECT FEET range of products will allow you to moisturize and soften the skin, soften and eliminate corns and corns. Give the skin of your feet comprehensive care, and your legs will always be soft and smooth, like a baby!

Coconut, cedar, apricot and shea butter intensively nourish and soften the skin of the feet, giving it softness and smoothness.
Keratin strengthens the nail plate, protecting it from brittleness.
Urea has a powerful moisturizing and keratolytic effect, softening keratinized areas of the skin.
Triclosan provides the skin of the legs with reliable protection against bacteria.
Lanolin promotes the healing of cracks and prevents their appearance.
D-panthenol improves the protective functions of the skin, has a regenerative effect, gives the skin a silkiness and smoothness.
Extracts of chestnut and ginkgo biloba stimulate blood microcirculation, improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and reduce swelling.
Menthol quickly cools, effectively eliminates the feeling of “heavy” legs, relieves tension and fatigue after a hard day.
Tea tree oil has an antimicrobial and bactericidal effect.
Farnesol kills bacteria that cause unpleasant sweat odors.
Salicylic acid softens the skin and exfoliates dead cells from its surface.
Glycolic acid provides exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin of the legs, accelerates the regeneration of dry skin.
Beeswax, petroleum jelly, vitamin E soften the skin and create a protective film that prevents the appearance of rubbing on the skin.