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Fire Retardant Paints buy wholesale - company ТОО «AKS Kazakhstan» | Kazakhstan
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Fire retardant paints are a reliable, simple and durable means for a qualitative increase in the level of fire safety of metal types of structures. Application and operation in any climatic zones without restrictions, the possibility of using it at all construction and reconstruction facilities (residential, administrative, warehouse, medical, educational institutions).

The fire-fighting properties of paint begin to manifest themselves directly during heat exposure. In case of fire, the thickness of the layer of intumescent fire retardant paint increases by 10-40 times. Fire retardant paints effectively protect the treated surfaces from ignition, significantly reduce and slow down the spread of flame. They have obvious advantages over other methods of fire protection of structures: they form a thin, even protective layer that does not change the configuration of the treated surface; easy to apply with a regular brush, roller or pneumatic spray; easily recovered with minimal financial and labor costs; give the surface a decorative appearance. The scheme we offer provides a service life of at least 10 years.