Solid Fuel Boiler ZOTA Mix 20

  • Solid Fuel Boiler ZOTA Mix 20  from company ТеплоГидроИнвест | Russia
Solid Fuel Boiler ZOTA Mix 20  from company ТеплоГидроИнвест | Russia
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The solid fuel boiler ZOTA Mix 20 is designed for heating residential buildings and household premises equipped with a water heating system ranging from 50 to 200 m². The main design feature is the possibility of combining heating with solid fuel (coal, firewood, fuel briquettes), natural gas and electricity. For the convenience of cleaning the boiler, a large door is provided behind the front panel, providing convenient access to the flue. The X-shaped design of the heat exchanger of the boiler Zota MIX 20 allows you to achieve the maximum possible heat transfer area, and, therefore, to achieve the best heat transfer and increase the efficiency of the boiler. To remove residual combustion products without unnecessary inconvenience - a large ash box located behind the ash pan door. 

Characteristic of a solid fuel boiler of ZOTA Mix 20: 

Rated thermal power - 20 kW
The area of ​​the heated room (with a heating element of 6 kW) - 200 m²
Water jacket volume - 50 liters
Working pressure - no more than 3.0 atm
Power TEN - from 3 to 9 kW
Efficiency - 80%
Fuel - coal, firewood, gas
Overall dimensions HxWxD- 1050/430/550 mm
Weight - 135 kg
Chimney -150 mm
Minimum chimney height - 6 m