• Solid Fuel Boiler Kupper PRO 22
  • Solid Fuel Boiler Kupper PRO 22
Solid Fuel Boiler Kupper PRO 22 Solid Fuel Boiler Kupper PRO 22
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Solid Fuel Boiler Kupper PRO 22


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On the basis of powerful and efficient heating boilers of the Kupper PRO series, you can build a modern heating system for a country house.

In coppers "Kupper PRO" the mode of long burning is successfully implemented when working on wood. The duration of work on one tab of firewood can reach eight hours. The ability to transfer heat for such a long time has become possible due to the use of a secondary air supply system to the combustion chamber in the boiler design and the use of a water tube grate, which allows heat to be removed even from smoldering coals. In addition, boilers provide for the possibility of installing a gas or pellet burner, which allows for almost complete automation of the heating process at home. In Kupper PRO boilers, the TEN unit, included in the basic configuration, is designed to maintain the temperature in the heating system when the main fuel burns out, which significantly reduces the likelihood of a system “defrosting” in the cold season.

Advantage of Kupper PRO boilers:

1. The long-term burning mode when working on wood is provided by the secondary air supply system.
2. A tube heat exchanger and a water tube grill provide maximum heat removal in the long-term burning mode.
3. Integration into the heating system and selection of the capacity of the Kupper PRO boilers are similar to the Kupper boilers.
4. Externally, the PRO series boilers can be distinguished by body parts painted in orange and graphite, as well as by the nameplate with the name "Cooper PRO".
5. Absolutely all boilers at the stage of assembly undergo hydraulic tests to prevent failure during normal operation.


Heated area - from 150 to 220 m²
Power - 22 kW
Teng power - 6 kW
Diameter of the chimney - 150 mm
Height - 855 mm
Width - 485 mm
Depth - 670 mm
Weight - 120 kg

Burners run on natural gas as well as liquefied natural gas when installing a retrofit kit.


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