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  • Marble Сrushed Stone buy wholesale - company ООО «Уральский Завод Нерудных Материалов» | Russia
Marble Сrushed Stone buy wholesale - company ООО «Уральский Завод Нерудных Материалов» | Russia
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ООО «Уральский Завод Нерудных Материалов»

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As a decorative material, marble crushed stone is used in two types - as filler and as backfill. In the first case, it is used for internal and external plastering of walls, when creating mosaic floors, as well as as a decorative additive in paving slabs or wall panels; in the second - for the device of garden paths, bottom soils of artificial reservoirs and various kinds of embankments.

Crushed marble for decorative filling of plasters and floors is a material with a granule size from 2.5 to 10 mm. Its main task is to ensure the most tight fit of the granules in the binder, and after grinding, to show the surface of solid marble. The marble used for backfill is always coarser. Its size ranges between 20 and 70 mm.

The use of crushed marble in aquarium deserves special attention. Here it is in demand for decorating the bottom, especially if it has an unusual pattern or color. For placement in aquariums, marble crushed stone with a granule size of 0.5 to 1.5 cm is selected. The service life of marble crushed stone in the aquarium depends on how soon it gets dirty. Marble has a rather porous structure and therefore quickly absorbs dirt.

Crushed marble in construction is also an aggregate. Construction differs from decorative use in that the marble introduced into one or another monolith does not undergo surface grinding and therefore does not in any way show its presence.

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