• QT5-20 Automatic Hydraulic Concrete Cement Block Making Machine
QT5-20 Automatic Hydraulic Concrete Cement Block Making Machine
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QT5-20 Automatic Hydraulic Concrete Cement Block Making Machine


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QT5-20 automatic block making machine with hydraulic vibration is a professional equipment for brick making . It can produce different specifications of solid brick, hollow brick, Curb stone, Paving brick ,grass brick, slope protection brick and other cement products by changing different molds.equipment. Equipment with pigment device ,so it be able to produce colourful paving brick.

Main Technical Characteristics:

Considered our country medium and small scale Concrete Block producing factories real condition, we developed this new kind of block machine, which gathered all kinds of block machines advantages and can produce different specifications block. Such machine has the advantages:

1. Adopting fully hydraulic frequency vibration and electro-hydraulic proportional control system can solve over heat and damage problem of traditional motor vibration after long time working. So it is suitable for different materials production.

2. Distribution system adopts semi-closed mesh rotary forced distribution, which make distribution evenly to guarantee the product strength.

3. Adopting patent technology of double end output four shafts synthesis vibration, which can optimize the vibrator, and make the excited force evenly at vibration table, so that the product weight and strength is evenly and consistent and forming is fast.

4. Multifunctional machine has strong practicability, equipped with different molds which can produce various shapes and models of wall blocks, hollow blocks, pavement bricks, interlocking brick machine, slope-shielding bricks, etc.

Brick Material:

Slag, fly ash, coal gangue, ceramsite, stone factory waste, ceramic clay, and sand.

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