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Oxymat Oxygen Gas Generators buy wholesale - company ООО «Universal Pro-Tech» | Uzbekistan
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Oxymat A / S - Danish manufacturer of oxygen adsorption generators and cylinder filling stations. Oxymat has been manufacturing adsorption-type generators since 1978. Today we supply generators for various industries, which are completely ready for use and developed in accordance with any technically feasible customer requirements.
Oxymat A / S is located in Helsinge, Denmark. The factory area is 2200 m2.
You can meet our Oxymat generators in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, in Europe. Among our customers you can see NATO (oxygen stations for refueling cylinders in field hospitals), Swedish nuclear power plants, AGA concerns, Messer Griesheim, etc.
Oxymat adsorption generators fully comply with all European standards and have all the certificates necessary for working in the EU and Russia.

 At the same time, we are constantly improving our products, taking into account your feedback on the operation of our plants, by regularly monitoring the operating parameters of the installed equipment.
Oxymat Oxygen Plants can be installed indoors and outdoors. For outdoor installation, a special climate container is made, which can be conveniently transported and installed directly next to the consumer. Installation of an oxygen container station requires a flat platform, power supply. In the absence of electricity, a diesel generator is installed. All equipment inside the container is already mounted and tied.

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