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Indian Kashmiri Saffron  buy wholesale - company NDI Global Traders | United Kingdom
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Buy Saffron which is the reddish-orange dried stigmas of the purple crocus flower. BUY HERE

It has a complex scent and flavor that can be difficult to describe… The dried stigmas have a deep woody smell on their own, but they add a sweet earthy scent and flavor when added to food. Too much saffron can make a dish bitter though, so you generally only need to add a pinch to whatever you’re cooking. Which is a good thing, because this spice is very expensive!

What Can I Make with Saffron?

When you think of saffron, you might immediately think of it as an Indian spice. This isn’t inaccurate, since the spice has been cultivated in India for centuries. However, you might not know that saffron is also a popular spice in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

When saffron is added to warm liquids, it releases it’s pretty yellow color. You might recognize this color in the classic Spanish rice dish called paella. It is also commonly used in Italian risotta alla Milanese, French bouillabaisse,  Persian polow rice dishes and Yellow Chartreuse (a French liquer).

You can add saffron threads to dishes whole, or grind them into a powder. Soak the threads in warm water or another liquid to soften, then add it with the liquid to whatever you’re cooking. You can try adding it to savoury foods like rice or chicken, or to desserts like custards or cakes.