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Mustard Oil Cake
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Mustard Oil Cake


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Mustard oil cake is the residue obtained after extraction of mustard oil from mustard oil seeds. Cheaper than peanut cake and soybean meal, it is used in the feeding of cattle and buffaloes. The composition of mustard cake (MOC) varies with the variety, growing conditions and processing methods.

These cakes contain 1–12% ether extract depending upon the method of oil extraction. The protein has a good balance of essential amino acids and relatively high methionine content.

Mustard cake is cheaper than peanut cake and is easily available. Mustard oil cake is good source of protein for the  animals like buffaloes and cows. Mustard oil cake also increase milk productivity in animals

Mustard oil cake is also  used as a fertilizer for flowering and vegetable plants. Mustard oil cake fertilizer is very rich in protein.It provides many micro nutrients to your garden plants. It also prevents many diseases and make your garden plants very healthy. You can use the mustard oil cake fertilizer for flowering plants, vegetable plants.

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