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Candy Bars Mulberry from the Pamirs buy wholesale - company
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"Дары Памира"

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To make natural mulberry bars from the Pamirs, the berries are picked manually on the slopes of the Pamir mountains at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level. When growing, chemical fertilizers are not used, and during processing - additives that are often used in the food industry.

Bars “Mulberry from the Pamirs” are absolutely natural, do not contain sugar, preservatives, dyes, flavorings, gluten and GMOs. In the manufacture of bars, heat treatment is not used, so they are suitable for raw foodists. Drying of berries occurs in vivo.

The addition of various natural ingredients (fruits, berries, nuts) to the composition of the Mulberry c Pamir bars allowed us to create a series of healthy products. We are constantly working on new flavors to please you with new functionality and variety!

Bars will help restore strength with active mental work, physical activity, and they also allow you to follow the figure, because the mulberry berry does not contain fats. Mulberry can be useful for diabetics, because it helps to lower blood sugar. The fact is that in the composition of white mulberry there are organic acids, which in turn are an excellent source of vitamins and carotene. Also, it is white mulberry that is characterized by an expanded content of trace elements and vitamins relative to the more common red or black mulberry.

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Quality assurance and exceptional taste

The workmanship, as well as the exceptional taste of the “Mulberry c Pamir” bars, based on the natural properties of mulberry, are certified and awarded with prizes received at specialized exhibitions, and the production process is patented.

Since the start of our activity, the product has established itself in the market of healthy nutrition products and has become an integral part in the life of many supporters of a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced of it every day, accepting new orders from you - our partners and private customers! We were convinced of the high quality of our products by visiting the production and berry growing places in the mountainous regions of the Pamirs.