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Anatis Tea  buy wholesale - company ООО «АНАТИС» | Tajikistan
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ANATIS TEA is a natural product based on the tea leaf extract of Fujian Province of China. The raw materials for making tea are tea bush leaves, which are grown in large quantities on special plantations. To grow this plant, you need a warm climate with enough moisture that does not stagnate at the roots. Most tea plantations are located on mountain slopes in areas with a tropical or subtropical climate. In China, where the largest share of tea is produced, the collection is carried out up to four times a year. The assortment of tea is green and black. Tea is prepared entirely according to Chinese technology. We use only natural products and, in essence, we are pioneers in the production of tea in Tajikistan, since only our company went the hard way: sterilization and hot bottling. In the process of preparation, tea undergoes high-temperature processing of 135 degrees and its instant bottling, which makes it possible to avoid the use of preservatives.