Rail Freight in Russia

  • Rail Freight in Russia
Rail Freight in Russia
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Rail transport ranks first in terms of freight turnover in Russia. Russian railways is a well-developed transport system with a length of 86 thousand km, of which more than 40 thousand km are electrified. In many basic indicators of technical equipment, Russian railways are not inferior, and in some they surpass the railways of other countries.
Rail transport is applicable, first of all, for transportation of large loads over long distances, as well as to regions that do not have sufficiently developed road networks - the North, the Far East, Siberia. This is the cheapest, reliable and least emergency mode of transport, independent of weather conditions.

Our company organizes all types of rail and container transportation across Russia, the CIS and Europe:

We carry out postal and baggage transportation of small loads, shipments by whole and groupage freight cars, containers of all kinds, as well as special rolling stock.

We can arrange rail transportation from any major city in our country, as well as receive cargo at the destination station and deliver it to the recipient's door with a large network of agents in Russia.

We track the movement of goods by rail.

We have gained vast experience in organizing rail transportation of bulky and heavy cargo.

We can also offer any additional service related to rail transportation, such as: packaging of goods, labeling, insurance, fastening of cargo in a container and on an open platform.