Smart B2B Marketplace for Worldwide Wholesale Trade

Jey Today B2B Marketplace is a platform for domestic and foreign wholesale trade. There are only genuine suppliers, manufacturers, exporters and importers from around the world on our platform. If you want to find customers you have to sign up and you can add information about your business. Importers and domestic buyers will find out about you. Register for free now and become a member of an e-commerce project that has no analogues in the world. We will professionally translate your information into Russian, provide access to all contacts and messages in online chat for free. It is very easy to use.

Jey Today marketplace as an assistant for global wholesalers

Jey Today Smart B2B Marketplace is a project created by entrepreneurs for the business community. We have developed the necessary functionality to search for business partners and wholesale trade in products and services around the world.

Jey Today International B2B Marketplace is a platform where exporters and importers interact to enter new markets. Genuine manufacturers and suppliers from different countries of the world are represented here and genuine buyers find the products and services they need. Our platform contains exclusive suppliers of products and services that you will not find on other marketplaces. Foreign trade participants are attracted by our project because of the uniqueness of its content. We are honestly working to ensure that you feel comfortable promoting your business on our platform.

What are the important functions of a Jey Today marketplace

The main goal of a Jey Today online B2B platform is to make international trade available for all business entities around the world. Manufacturers and suppliers of products and services can easily add their products and services, local and international buyers can inquire about them. Size of organizations, industry affiliation and geographic location do not matter. Thus, we blur the boundaries for the export-import activities of the business community of any country.

The functions of a Jey Today marketplace are varied and each of its members has the opportunity to use them to find buyers or suppliers:
  • Informational. Users get access to the list of organizations connected to a Jey Today e-commerce platform, as well as their data.
  • Marketing. Suppliers and manufacturers have the opportunity to find customers for a particular type of product. Users will always have only up-to-date information about the supply and demand offered by suppliers or competitors.
  • Advertising. After posting information about an organization, its products or services, it immediately becomes part of the entire information space.
  • Analytical. It is possible to compare information about the activities of various organizations and select suitable counterparties who supply products and provide services.
  • Protective. The safety of the operations carried out is ensured. This is achieved by using cryptographic data protection tools.

Why choose a Jey Today wholesale marketplace?

A Jey Today website is a wholesale export-import platform that is popular in the domestic and foreign markets. Suppliers quickly find buyers for their products on our site thanks to well-thought-out functionality. It is absolutely free to register on a Jey Today platform and create a company account. To do this, you need to register on the site, fill in all the required fields in the questionnaire, namely personal and corporate data and it will be possible to post products and services. We have greatly simplified the entire process from registration to posting products and services so it will be very convenient and simple for you to create your account.

Buyers communicate directly with manufacturers using online chat and can send a request for quotation to multiple sellers at the same time. Notifications of new messages are sent to your email so you will always be up to date.

Our export-import platform for wholesalers has a large catalog of products and services which is updated every day with new products and services and its search is as convenient as possible for users. A minimalistic interface and well-thought-out site logic will not distract you from important tasks. A Jey Today marketplace has extensive functionality to achieve these goals.

The information posted on a Jey Today website is presented in English and Russian. You can post information about your business, products and services in any of these languages. Jey Today's сustomer support will translate the posted information into the required language. The more detailed you describe the features of the products or services being sold, the faster you will find customers.

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