Welcome to the Jey Today Global B2B Marketplace.

This platform is focused on wholesale and searching for products and services on the domestic and foreign markets.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the foundation of the country's economy. In addition to paying taxes, they are also employers, solving important social issues of the country. The comfortable climate and openness of the state for SMEs contributes to the development of the economy and growth in the number of new entrepreneurs. Therefore, state institutions of power and public organizations support the business community and popularise entrepreneurship.

We would like to be a part of this. So we suggest using our platform as a link between all stakeholders.

How does it work on the Jey Today Marketplace?

You are a State Institution, or Public Organisation, and your goal is to raise the status of an entrepreneur to a qualitatively new level. You can offer export, financial, educational, advisory support, as well as help in protecting the rights and interests of SMEs, with the help of our platform.

You can register on the Jey Today B2B Marketplace and post information about your organisation's activities to accomplish these tasks. This will allow entrepreneurs in your region, and all countries, to know about targeted support.

What do you need for this?

  • Assign a responsible employee to work with the platform;
  • Determine the email address to which your organisation account will be registered;
  • Create an account for your organisation (it is important to select the type of account "State Institution", add the organisation name, address, phone number(s), describe the field of activity);
  • Post the services that you provide to SMEs. All your information will be available in the service catalog in the Government Support section;
  • You can accept questions, statements, complaints and answer them in the B2B Chat. Notifications of all incoming messages will be sent to your email address, and you will always be aware of events.

What other benefits can we bring?

Add the project link: www.jey.today on your website and briefly describe the capabilities of the B2B Jey Today Marketplace to make our cooperation effective. Entrepreneurs will find out about the platform, its capabilities and services provided by clicking on the link. They will also be able to enter new markets for free and find buyers or suppliers, importers or exporters from all over the world.

The difficult task is to convey to entrepreneurs about state and public support for business. But it can be done.

We will help implement this idea.

Entrepreneurs, using our platform, will know about you faster than from other sources, as Jey Today is a unique, demanded and free project for business.

Start by registering: https://jey.today/ru/signup