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Kenya Кения



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Получено от сертифицированных Global Gap ферм в восточной и прибрежной Кении. Этот тип манго конкурентно больше и имеет высокое содержание сахара, особенно при выращивании в районах с достаточным количеством солнечного света, чем у большинства сортов.


MAS KASIT Fresh Exports has contracted farmers whereby we have adequate supply of a fresh produce due to regions position on the equator having favorable climatic conditions that afford production almost all year round. The company also outsources land and trains farmers and the community how to produce good and quality fruits for export and as such our subcontracted farms are grown under GLOBAL GAP (good agricultural practices) meeting the required international standards. The pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest period is supervised by our dedicated team to guarantee quality. After harvest, the fruits are then taken to our warehouse for, cleaning, grading and packaging for export. Our group is known as a house of quality fresh produce and fulfill the needs of our customers with superior and consistent quality, quantity and timely deliveries. The company continues to grow from strength to strength building on a solid base of trust and total dedication to the fresh produce industry

Владелец магазина : MASKASIT LIMITED

0200 Кения Nairobi Nairobi Komarock building A-5

Веб-сайт : www.maskasit.com

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