OPSH-3000-24 Trailed Sprayer at wholesale

  • OPSH-3000-24 Trailed Sprayer buy wholesale - company ОАО «Гомсельмаш» | Belarus
OPSH-3000-24 Trailed Sprayer buy wholesale - company ОАО «Гомсельмаш» | Belarus
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A hydraulic rod with a working width of 24 meters with a pendulum stabilization mechanism and a hydromechanical damping system. The production of the rod and frame includes sandblasting followed by powder coating for reliable protection against corrosion.

A parallelogram suspension with two hydraulic cylinders allows you to smoothly change the height of the rod from 0.5 to 2.2 meters even while driving.

The mechanism for protecting the rod in a collision with an obstacle allows the deviation of the extreme part of the rod in the vertical and horizontal plane. After passing the obstacle, the bar returns to its original position.

3000 L polyethylene main tank with filler neck, strainer and lid. A 170 liter polyethylene washing tank is combined with a 20 liter tank for clean water (for washing hands). The mixer mixer on 25 liters of POLMAC firm.

Two injection mixers with ceramic tips mounted on the bottom of the tank maintain a constant concentration of the working fluid.

Stepless adjustment of track widths from 1400 mm to 2100 mm.

Wheels of large diameter R42 allow you to work at high speed and provide clearance of 700 mm.

The use of the pump of the Italian company IMOVILLI POMPE, communication elements and sprayers of the Italian company Arag and POLMAK, the leaders in the production of components for sprayers, ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation of the hydro-communications of the sprayer.