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Bug deflectors from the manufacturer "Defly" of the Classic and Original series are distinguished by affordable prices and increased protective properties. The aggressive aerodynamic shape of the visors effectively redirects air flows, protecting the hood paintwork and windshield from damage, scratches, chips that can be caused by small stones flying towards the car and sand. The universal fastening system allows for easy installation, no drilling required and a secure fit. The bug deflector can be easily removed, which allows you to easily wash, paint and perform the necessary actions with the vehicle.

ООО "Дефлай"

Производство автоаксессуаров.

Company : ООО "Дефлай"

630060 Russia Novosibirsk Region Новосибирск ул. Зеленая горка, д. 1, офис 19

Website : https://www.defly.ru/

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