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FELIX CARBOX G12 + Antifreeze  buy wholesale - company ООО «Сиванабел» | Belarus
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Red Felix Carbox antifreeze - a modern antifreeze for a car, has successfully passed all laboratory bench tests in the US laboratory for compliance with the standards described below.

A carefully selected combination of anticorrosive additives of improved quality and extended duration. Increased mileage without replacing the coolant - up to 250,000 km (2,000 hours)

Highly effective protection against high temperature and cavitation corrosion of engine parts (including aluminum), radiator, thermostat, rubber seals Improved protection against scaling and deposits in the engine cooling system and radiator due to the absence of silicates and phosphates;

Engine protection against freezing at ambient temperature up to -45ºС;

Increased heat dissipation properties that improve engine performance;

Protecting the pump from cavitation corrosion and increasing its resource Does not contain amines, phosphates, borates, silicates;

It contains a patented multifunctional package of anti-corrosion, anti-cavitation, anti-foam and lubricating additives. Made from premium grade monoethylene glycol, specially prepared, highly purified demineralized water and a unique additive package based on carboxylic acids;

Organic antifreeze class G12 + according to VW classification. Professional Antifreeze FELIX CARBOX meets the requirements of major car manufacturers and international quality standards: Audi: TL 774-C MAN: MAN 324-SNF Mercedes-Benz: DBL 7700.30 page 325.3 MTU: MTL 5048 Opel / General Motors: 6277M Seat: TL 774-D / F Scoda: TL 774-D / F Volkswagen: TL 774-D / F (VW code G12 +) Porsche: TL 774-D / F Ford WSS-M97B44-D GM 6277 ASTM D 3306 ASTM D 4340 ASTM D 4656 ASTM D 4985 ASTM D 6210 SAE J 1034 BS 6580-1992 AFNOR R15-601 JIS K 2234 JASO M325 (Japan) LLC