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Hockey Rink Board buy wholesale - company ООО
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We offer Hockey Rink Boards made using the latest technologies in both standard sizes - 60x30, 56x26, 40x20, 30x15, and according to the individual size of the customer.

The Hockey Rink Board is assembled from panels made of mono-fiberglass, which is optimally suited for outdoor sports grounds, as it has high anti-vandal performance and can be used at temperatures from - 60 to +60 C.

The kit includes:

1) mono fiberglass board panels - white fiberglass panel with a thickness of 5 mm, blue railing with a thickness of 50 mm, yellow baffle plate with a height of 220 mm and a thickness of 20 mm. Board height - 1220 mm, board length 2000 mm.
Fiberglass panels are fastened to frames using exhaust steel rivets;

2) frames and racks of sides - metal structures that support the side panels. Attached to the base of the site with anchor bolts.
The metal frame of the sides, gates, gates, racks, made of steel profile pipe 50x25x2 mm and 40x25x2 mm;

3) gates for players with a width of 900 mm (2 pcs.)

4) technological gates with a width of 4000 mm equipped with a deadbolt. On the gate leaves, for ease of opening, sliding rollers are provided. The hinges of the doors are hot-dip galvanized;

5) a mesh fence at the roundings and behind the gates - panels from a steel corner measuring 35 x 35 mm with filling from a galvanized mesh netting - mesh size 40x40 mm. The mesh netting is enclosed in a frame from a corner and has dimensions of 1500x2000 mm.

The entire metal structure of the hockey court is covered with a polymer coating.

All parts of the fasteners (bolts, nuts, hinges, self-closing bolt) are galvanized, which gives corrosion protection - 5 years.