L700 Floorball Set 4-8 years at wholesale

  • L700 Floorball Set 4-8 years buy wholesale - company ООО
L700 Floorball Set 4-8 years buy wholesale - company ООО
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ООО "Завод спортивного оборудования "ДИНАМИКА"
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* Handle length - 700 mm
* Weight of one stick - 250 g
* Weight of one ball - 23 gr
* In each floorball, exactly 26 holes are made
* Ball diameter - 72 mm
In the set:
* 14 clubs
* 14 balls of different colors
* 3 spare hooks
* Carry bag

Floorball set L700
FLORBOL is the youngest type of hockey (hockey in slippers). An exciting all-round game, the difference of which is: accessibility, does not require special training, is safe (clubs and balls are plastic, the weight of the ball is 23 grams), equipment is not needed, the game can take place at any venues, places of public recreation, beaches, parks, squares, yards , dance floors, and indoors does no harm. Children from 4 to 8 years old to play in the yard or on the premises (kindergartens, schools, homes). The handle and hook of the club are made of high quality plastic. The universal shape of the hook (straight) allows you to use both the player’s right hand and the left. When removing the handle from the hook, the handle can be used as a gymnastic stick.