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The sleeping bag of the Zubrava trademark perfectly warms you on a cool night, and also protects you from annoying insects as much as possible.

   The sleeping bag has dimensions 70 * 245cm. The weight of a single-layer sleeping bag is 1.2 kg, double-layer - 1.5 kg.

   It is calculated on one person, is closed by means of a lightning, has a headrest.

   Outside, the sleeping bag is made of raincoat fabric; inside 100% cotton, it is hygienic and comfortable to use; filler - synthetic winterizer. Sintepon is the most common filler for sleeping bags, as It is suitable for a wide climatic range. And, most importantly, it dries quickly even in the cold.

   Our sleeping bags can be placed both outdoors, in the summer heat, and in a tent, during the cooler season.

Temperature condition of sleeping bags:

1- single layer:

Upper comfort temperature + 20 ° C;

Lower comfort temperature + 8 ° C;

Extreme temperature +2 ° C.

2 - two-layer:

Upper comfort temperature + 16 ° C;

Lower comfort temperature + 4 ° C;

Extreme temperature -1 ° C.

3 - three-layer:

Upper comfort temperature + 12 ° C;

Lower comfort temperature + 0 ° C;

Extreme temperature -5 ° C.

Case included. Materials: polyester outside, inside 100% cotton, insulation - synthetic winterizer 100, 200 or 300 g / m².

You can choose a one-, two- or three-layer sleeping bag.

When choosing the thickness of a sleeping bag, it is necessary to take into account not only the ambient temperature, but also the relative humidity and wind speed.

Товары для спорта, фитнеса, туризма

ООО «Зубрава» – ведущий белорусский производитель товаров для спорта, фитнеса, туризма. 10 лет на рынке. Вся продукция проходит строгий контроль качества и имеет необходимые сертификаты и декларации о соответствии Высокие потребительские свойства продукции «Зубрава» подтверждаются положительными отзывами покупателей и высоким спросом на товары. Наши приоритеты – постоянное расширение ассортимента, высокое качество, доступные цены.

Company : ООО «Зубрава»

247210 Belarus Gomel Region Жлобин проезд Красный, д.1, пом.26

Website : www.zubrava.by

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