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MIG Modular Fire Suppression System buy wholesale - company ЗАО
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MIG Modular Fire Suppression System is designed to eliminate fire classes A, B, C and extinguish electrical equipment under voltage up to 1,000 V at an early stage of ignition without human intervention.
The MIG MPP powder fire extinguishing module is a self-actuating device.

The locking and starting device is equipped with a thermal lock, which is triggered when exposed to a maximum temperature (+68, +93, +141 ºС). This causes the release of powder under pressure of dried air or nitrogen into the combustion zone.

Installation of modules is quite simple, does not require special skills from the installer. This allows you to use them not only to protect objects of various industries, but also on private property (residential buildings, baths, garages, etc.)

Recharging is similar to reloading injection fire extinguishers and is carried out at ordinary service stations for recharging fire extinguishers. service life before reloading 10 years.

Modules MPP MIG are charged with high-quality fire extinguishing powder VEKSON-AVS 50, providing high fire extinguishing ability and versatility of use.