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Lotus Corner Sofas buy wholesale - company ООО
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Upholstered furniture of the Lotus lineup is suitable both for the interior of spacious rooms and for small rooms. The model range includes: a corner sofa, a three-seater sofa bed, a two-seater sofa bed, an armchair - a bed, an armchair, an ottoman, a pillow.
The optimal combination of price and quality puts "Lotus" in a series of furniture that is in special demand among customers who appreciate an elegant classic style. The corner sofa "Lotus" is a popular model.
The configuration of the corner sofa, with calm measured forms, allows you to create a comfortable zone for communication and relaxation. At night, such a sofa is easily transformed into a spacious berth.
The model is performed with both right-side and left-side location of the corner segment. For the convenience of transportation and installation, the sofa is made of two parts that are interconnected using locks - hooks.