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Uranus Series Low Frequency Online UPS is adopting the technology, which combined with the world’s most advanced DSP digital control technology currently, and IGBT high frequency Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM).
Double-conversion online topology design makes the output frequency of UPS, which used for tracking, phase-locking, voltage regulator and filter out noise, interference from the power grid fluctuations in pure sine wave power supply and make the UPS more comprehensive and perfectly protection for the users. 
After Prostar R&D center elaborative designed for more than 10 yeas, Prostar has designed a modular structure, whose overall operation is 5 times more reliable and stable performance than regular UPS, MTBF is over 300,000 hours. 
Online UPS equipped with standard built-output isolation transformers, static bypass switch and manual maintain switch, making this series UPS has a very high capacity to engage in short-circuit. It could be used for the worst environment. Also it has perfect protect function.
Moreover, it has the AC input, over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-voltage, short circuit protection, inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection, voltage under-voltage warning, battery over charging protection and other protections in one, to ensure system operation stably and reliably.


Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. была основана в 1998 году, специализируется на проектировании и производстве высококачественных OEM и собственной торговой марки Prostar промышленных источников бесперебойного питания (ИБП), инверторов, солнечных батарей, солнечных электростанций и ветроэнергетике, аварийного электроснабжения (EPS), а также необслуживаемых свинцово-кислотных батарей. Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in 1998, specializes in the design and production high quality OEM and Prostar own brand of industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power Inverter, Solar panels, Solar Power generation system and Wind Power generation system,and Emergency Power Supply (EPS) as well as maintenance-free lead acid battery.

Company : Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

528200 China Guangdong Foshan No.1 ShijieLang Road, Lianhe Industrial Zone West Two Zone, Luocun, Nanhai

Website : http://www.prostarpower.com/

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