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  • Anatomical Double-Sided Mattress buy wholesale - company Мир Матрасов | Uzbekistan
Anatomical Double-Sided Mattress buy wholesale - company Мир Матрасов | Uzbekistan
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Anatomical double-sided mattress of the elite category Relax Sensitie winter-summer based on an independent five-zone spring unit. The spring block consists of 5 zones of springs of different elasticity. Each spring is in a separate bag made of durable wear-resistant fibertex material. The unit is attached by a fibertex, springs not connected by a metal bond between each other provide an “individual approach” to different parts of the body. The combination of springs with different levels of stiffness creates anatomically correct support for the spine. The unit is completely silent.

Winter side: The elasticity of the mattress is given by natural latex coconut fiber 2cm. The system of independent mini-springs 6cm and natural latex 3cm provide surface softness. It feels like medium rigidity with an “enveloping” effect.

Summer side: Elastic Bi-Coconut (coconut fiber with holofiber) gives elasticity to the mattress. Hardness is above average.

The cover is made of cotton jacquard with a pleasant texture with antibacterial and anti-allergenic impregnation, quilted with high-density bulk polyurethane foam. All materials used are environmentally friendly. The mattress can withstand a load of up to 120 kg per berth. Product height 36cm.

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