Inseense V6 Diaper Pants at wholesale

  • Inseense V6 Diaper Pants buy wholesale - company ООО «Сириус» | Russia
Inseense V6 Diaper Pants buy wholesale - company ООО «Сириус» | Russia
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Inseense introduces the new Inseense V6 series of diaper pants. The pleasant inner surface of the diaper with a cotton content creates a feeling of comfort and softness for the baby. The absorbent layer contains superabsorbent, due to which moisture is absorbed even faster and is firmly held inside the diaper. The outer surface consists of a nonwoven material and a waterproof, breathable membrane. The membrane provides air circulation inside the diaper, which prevents the formation of diaper rash and irritation, the baby's skin breathes. Thanks to elastane, diapers fit perfectly on the baby. These are thin and light diapers that are perfect for the warm season.

Panty diapers are easy to put on and take off. The rubber band is stretched to a length comfortable for the baby. The size of the XL diaper is designed for children weighing from 12 to 17 kg.