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Credo Cigarettes buy wholesale - company ООО Табак Про | Russia
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Credo cigarettes are the products of the Belarusian tobacco company Neman. All stages of production take place at this tobacco factory: from drying to packaging of finished products. The traditions of the Belarusian factory go back to the 19th century. The combination of advanced technologies and quality, proven for decades, helps to produce products that are in demand not only among local residents, but also far beyond the borders of Belarus. The company regularly updates the line, improving quality characteristics and expanding the range of products.

"Creed" is produced in a single model. To create it, a mixture of tobacco is used, most of which is of the American type. One cigarette contains 0.8 mg of nicotine, tar - 10 mg. Manufacturers buy tobacco mixture, filters and sleeves in Italy, Greece and Turkey. The rich and mild taste is a guarantee that no harmful artificial additives were used in the creation of products. Cigarettes are available in king size packaging. The filter is made of acetate fiber with the addition of titanium dioxide, which reliably traps tar and carcinogenic substances. At the same time, the price of Credo cigarettes is significantly lower than similar products of the promoted brands.

You can buy Credo cigarettes from the comfort of your home, just place an order in the online store. The main consumers of these products are men and women from different countries who want to buy quality products at an affordable cost. Mild taste, stylish packaging, high quality workmanship and quick weathering make them any product for people from different countries. Similar cigarettes of famous brands cost several times more. You can buy Credo cigarettes without much effort, just place an order on the Internet or call. These products are worth buying for those who want high-quality products for little money.