• Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems
  • Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems
  • Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems
Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems
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Automated Pallet Runner Racking Systems


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Pallet runner racking, is a storage and retrieval system. The pallet shuttle system consists in a specific rack and a mobile shuttle. This shuttle is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. It is transported to its location at the front or the back of a lane (in case of open back side) by a standard forklift. Once at its home position, the shuttle performs the loading and unloading tasks without any human intervention.

These tasks are instructed by the fork lift driver using a remote control. Once the tasks are completed the shuttle returns to its home position and is then ready to be transported to a new location for a new task.
  - Pallets can be stored to unlimited depths
  - Increased storage within the same or smaller square footage
  - Increase operator productivity to 40 or more pallet moves /hour
  - 1 cart can support up to 1,000 pallet positions
  - A different SKU can be stored in each lane
  - Reduced operating costs, Environmentally friendly

Huichen Storage Equipment

Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd has focused on modern storage system equipment for over 15 years in China. as one of largest professional warehouse storage equipment manufacturer in north of China,which is focusing on the warehouse solution,manufacturing and installation. The company has 2 automatic punching lines, 19 rack-making production lines,2 large shot blasting machines,4 flame plating lines, Annual production capacity of 10 million tons. Our main products cover : 1. all kinds of industrial racking: radio shuttle racking, selective racking,automated warehouse, 2. pallet,storage box; 3. section bar; 4. table trolley; 5. materials handling series equipment and so on. We supply racking and material handling equipment all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. Warehouse storage racking for Industry use are widely used in the following industry, such as: --- Food, ---Chemicals, ---Auto, ---Pharmaceutical ---Electric products,etc...

Company : Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd.

266071 China Shandong Qingdao No.17, Nanjing Road

Website : http://www.sinostorageracking.com/

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