• Hand Nut Rivet Gun M3-M8
  • Hand Nut Rivet Gun M3-M8
Hand Nut Rivet Gun M3-M8 Hand Nut Rivet Gun M3-M8
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Hand Nut Rivet Gun M3-M8


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Colour: Red
Purpose: Household, Industrial

To fasten threaded inserts from M3 to M6 in steel. Recommended for simplicity and handiness

•Sets M3 to M6 in aluminium & steel

•Sets from M3 to M5 in stainless steel

•M3 to M6 Rivet nuts 200 pcs each (total 800 pcs) 

•One hand tool for blind rivet nuts 

•One red tool box 

•Weighs 4 kg in total 


Ardent Supporter

Ardent Supporter® has been producing high technology fasteners (blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and tools) with guaranteed maxium efficiency and performance in service and quality of product. All products are manufactured with High Grade aluminum and the supply chain is supervised by professional and 100% made in Taiwan and Hungary. http://ardentsupporter.com/


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Website : http://ardentsupporter.com/

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