• DTH Water Well Drilling Hammer
DTH Water Well Drilling Hammer
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DTH Water Well Drilling Hammer


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8 inch DTH hammer for 203~305mm hole drilling PVdrilling , water well drilling


Product Description


QD85A has the advantages of fast action, high impact power, low gas consumption and long life.It is widely used in geotechnical engineering to drill all kinds of rock with poor drillability, such as medium and high hardness. 


It is a kind of high air pressure down the hole hammer, without foot valve, The driling speed is higher than the hammer with foot valve. And more energy efficient.It is one of the most advanced DTH hammers in the word.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Speed increase 15%-30% than the hammer with foot valve.

2. Bits without nylon tube,The problems caused by rupture of nylon tube, expansion, expansion and shrinkage were avoided.

3. Low gas consumption, energy saving 10%.

4. This hammer has simple structure, good reliability and long service life.



8 Inch DTH Bulroc Dth Hammer , 203 - 305mm Ql 60 Hammer For PV Drilling

Product Features:



1. Standard APl thread,lt is universal Internationally.
Thread through precision processing, smooth without burrs, easy to Install and tlighten.


2. Use high qualty reverse valve,spring and sealing ring.


3. Reasonable air distribution structure, fast drilling speed, low gas consumption, low oll consumption.


4. The piston adopts high quality speclal steel, the mature and stable heat treatment technology and the precislon processing technology guarantee the service life of the piston and the working efficlency of the hammer.


5. The external cylinder using special alloy steel, after heat treatment, It has high abrasion resistance and toughness.


6. The drive sub adopts alloy steel,high precision spline machining,Good versatility and long life.


7. More than 15 years DTH product production experience We can make reasonable plan for you according to your actual working condition.


8 Inch DTH Bulroc Dth Hammer , 203 - 305mm Ql 60 Hammer For PV Drilling

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Putian Qideli drilling tools Company was founded in 1993, is specialized in the production and operation of mining drilling tools, research and development-oriented enterprises. 20 years, the production of chisel-bits, cross-bits, button bits, thread bits, PDC bits high and low air pressure DTH bits, DTH hammer, drill rods, etc, are widely used in energy, metallurgy, geology, coal, water conservancy, chemical industry and the mining, road construction, has been unanimously endorsed by the majority of users. Basing on our complete product and excellent quality, We have a certain domestic markets, also export to Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions alsowhile. development strategy, focusing on product innovation and grasp the credit markets and technology to enhance the credibility of business products and services, constantly to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, in order to enhance the comprehensive advantages of products in the market. "Continues to provide you with better products", which is the macro Dag keep business purposes, we sill make constant efforts to adhere to yesterday's achievements as a starting point, whole-heartedly to create first-class products and good services for all customers, in order to create the endless space and wealth for all customers. Putian Qideli drilling tools company is authorizes the registration by the National Related Department the enterprise. Depends on a abundant fund strength, reasonable prices, excellent service, we establish long-term cooperative relationship with lots of enterprises. We are sincerely welcome your visit, investigate, and do business.

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