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Polypropylene Pipes  buy wholesale - company ООО
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ООО "Шуртанский газохимический комплекс" Унитарное предприятие «POLIPROPILEN QUVURLAR»
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Polypropylene pipes unitary enterprise "POLIPROPILEN QUVURLAR" are intended for use in heating systems, cold and hot water supply, as part of technological pipelines.

The main advantages are high strength, no corrosion, resistance to chemically aggressive environments, ease of transportation and easy installation, as well as long service life - up to 50 years.

The assortment of the unitary enterprise "POLIPROPILEN QUVURLAR" - pipes with a diameter of 16 to 110 mm, made of high quality polypropylene.

    On the basis of the POLIPROPILEN QUVURLAR unitary enterprise, production of fiberglass reinforced pipes (composite) has been mastered. The main advantages of which are:

- a monolithic pipe construction, in production all three layers are extruded simultaneously and as a result a monolithic pipe is obtained. Thus, there is no likelihood of delamination of the pipe wall;

- lower coefficient of linear expansion. Under equal operating conditions, PPR-GF pipes are extended 3 times less than unreinforced pipes, which makes them convenient and economical for installation and operation;

- increased rigidity reduces their sagging under the influence of high temperatures, which reduces the number of points and improves the overall appearance of the entire system;

- the absence of the need to clean pipes before installation, as happens with a pipe reinforced with aluminum, facilitates the work of installers, and also speeds up and, accordingly, reduces the cost of the installation process as a whole.