• Indoor Power Supply DC12V200W
Indoor Power Supply DC12V200W
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Indoor Power Supply DC12V200W


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Signage distributor-oriented, functional and tailor-made – these are the benefits offered by LED signage solutions from Elid . With our LED lighting systems, we ensure that your sign and cabinet are presented in the right light. The attractive logo is highlighted by the most efficient,uniform LED and reliable modules,while specifically bring a value to to the brand.

Elid Electronic

Elid has been producing LED signage solutions since established. Whether you need lighting for big or mini signs, outdoor or indoor cabinets, architecture or border lighting , we primarily develop and produce OEM solutions in addition to our standard range. We design uniform lighting which offers as much light as required for an effective sign surface display but uses as little energy as possible. - plus, of course, the most economical and reliable solution in the signage area.

Company : Elid Electronic Co, Ltd.

523850 China Guangdong Dongguan No. 5, Changsheng Road

Website : http://www.elid-light.com

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