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  • Roofing Panels buy wholesale - company PANELPLAST | Uzbekistan
Roofing Panels buy wholesale - company PANELPLAST | Uzbekistan
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Roofing Panel is a universal building material, which finds wide and diverse application in construction. Its main advantages include the following:

1. High corrosion resistance. High-quality corrosion protection provides an average service life of galvanized corrugated board in 30 years.

2. Relative lightness. The weight of 1 m² of profiled sheet is 3.9 - 24.1 kg. Light weight makes it possible to significantly reduce the volume of load-bearing structures and the cost of their installation.

3. High mechanical strength, bending brutality in the direction of the corrugations of the sheet. This property ensures the safety of operation and durability of building structures made using corrugated board.

4. Operational manufacturability. The material is easy to machine in domestic conditions: it is cut, drilled, quickly and easily mounted in building structures, it does not require special professional skills.

5. Low cost of material.

6. Low financial and physical costs during installation, lack of maintenance costs.

7. The possibility of repeated use during dismantling without loss of consumer properties.

8. Convenience and ease of packaging, loading and unloading, transportation and storage.

9. Ecological cleanliness.

10. High aesthetic qualities of the material.