Polypropylene Fiber POLYARM from Moscow warehouse at wholesale

  • Polypropylene Fiber POLYARM from Moscow warehouse  buy wholesale - company ООО
Polypropylene Fiber POLYARM from Moscow warehouse  buy wholesale - company ООО
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A modern alternative to metal fiber and frame reinforcement.

- for the introduction of fiber does not require special equipment and tools.
No need for pre-mixing with water.
- it is recommended to add fiber at the initial stage of mixing.
- the fiber is evenly distributed both in the ready-mixed concrete and with dry mixing of the components (sand, gravel, cement).
- fiber can be added to the concrete mix when transported by concrete trucks (auto mixers)

- fiber is capable of mixing in any type of mixer: gravity, forced action, with manual mixing.
- add the fiber of the required length to the mixture in accordance with the recommendations for use per 1m3.
- mix thoroughly until the fibers are evenly distributed: with manual mixing
- up to 6 minutes, with mechanized stirring
- 4-5 minutes. *
- when fiber is added to a ready-mixed concrete directly in a concrete mixer (mixer), mixing should be performed at high speeds until it is evenly distributed.
* The indicated mixing time is recommended at a fiber consumption of 5-6 kg per 1 m3.
By increasing the dosage of fiber, the mixing time can be extended until it is evenly distributed.

- the fiber should be stored in its original sealed packaging in a dry ventilated area
- storage temperature: from -40 ° to + 80 ° C
- protect from direct sunlight
- after storing the fiber at minus temperature, before use, it should be kept for at least 12 hours at plus temperature
Shelf life is not limited under the recommended storage conditions.

Fiber and packaging are recyclable. Can be disposed of as household waste.

- polypropylene fiber is packaged in a plastic bag weighing 1.0 kg. Storage of polymer fiber - 200 pack. (200 kg) on ​​an euro pallet.

- when working with fiber, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment (for hands).
- if necessary, the surface of the reinforced concrete with fiber can be processed with special equipment (grinding).
Polypropylene fiber 25 mm and 40 mm is compatible with all additives.