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  • Epoxy Resin buy wholesale - company  ТОО
Epoxy Resin buy wholesale - company  ТОО Epoxy Resin buy wholesale - company  ТОО
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MAR-POL 500 provides high transparency and coating durability on any product. It can be used to cover a wooden structure to create a protective layer. When applied with just a few layers, it gives excellent depth and brilliance. Much more economical than using conventional wood varnish due to the fast obtaining of strength and transparency. Perfectly protect the tree from the harmful effects of moisture and harden the surface of parts made of soft wood. On horizontal surfaces, MAR-POL 500 can be used as a pouring coating, providing fast, durable coating of sufficient thickness in one layer.

If the coating should remain unpainted, a UV-resistant varnish must be applied over the cured material, since unprotected epoxy is subject to gradual yellowing in the sun.

Due to its low viscosity and excellent impregnation ability, MAR-POL 500 can be used for gluing products with thin light fiberglass or carbon fiber. If after that the product is covered with several more layers of MAR-POL 500, a transparent surface will be obtained, sufficiently strong and wear-resistant.

Since the MAR-POL 500 was originally designed as a solvent-free epoxy coating, the incorporation of various fillers into the resin will allow it to be turned into a leveling compound, aggregate or adhesive.