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Abrasive Cutting Machine buy wholesale - company ООО Промстрой | Russia
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27 000.00 RUB

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Abrasive cutting machine from the manufacturer, reliable equipment designed for cutting pipes, angle, channels, profiles and other types of metal. Engines can be installed on this machine, which will differ in power from 1 kW to 5.5 kW. The cutting angle can also be changed: plus minus 45 degrees. Our abrasive cutting machine, volcanic rock has one distinguishing feature, which is at the same time its advantage - the workpieces are not fixed with a vice, but with the help of a foot clip, which is very convenient for the operator and increases the processing speed as well as productivity. The buyer can choose from several modifications of our vulcanite:

ST 1 engine power 2.2 kW cost 27,000 rubles

ST 2 engine power 2.2 kW cost 33,000 rubles

ST 3 engine power 3 kW worth 38,000 rubles

ST 5 engine power 5 5 kW cost 45 000 rubles

Our abrasive cutting machine uses large diameter circles of 400 mm, and a landing diameter of 32 mm. All this allows you to cut a fairly large metal rolling.

For questions of acquisition, as well as obtaining technical advice, please contact our manager by contact phone. You will receive answers to all your questions, as well as discuss the delivery of your equipment. The abrasive cutting machine of our production is an effective solution that will help to solve many production problems of your enterprise.