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  • ReSound Unite TV Streamers buy wholesale - company Студия Слуха | Russia
ReSound Unite TV Streamers buy wholesale - company Студия Слуха | Russia
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Wirelessly, the ReSound Unite TV streamer directs pure stereo sound from the TV, computer, stereo system, and other sound sources directly to your hearing aids.

The streamer has a volume control, so device users can adjust the volume of the TV, regardless of the others watching. In addition, you can configure the devices so that while watching TV the microphones of the devices will work simultaneously and the user will be able to simultaneously communicate with others.

Key Features:

Clear stereo sound goes directly to the hearing instruments at a distance of at least 7 meters, while the sounds around are fully perceived.

No need to wear any additional devices on the neck.

If you leave the operating range of this device and return there after a maximum of 5 minutes, the connection with this device is restored automatically.

Activated by pressing a button on a ReSound Unite hearing aid or remote control.

The ready-to-use Unite TV streamer can be placed next to a TV or other audio device on the stand that comes with the TV streamer.

You can freely move around the apartment while watching TV.

You can establish a connection between your hearing aids and three streamers (for example, one TV streamer for a TV in the living room, a second TV streamer in the bedroom, and a third TV streamer for the computer or stereo in the office).