• Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller Solar Charge Controller
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Solar Charge Controller


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Land Dream Series(LDinshort) is an economical and traditional PWM solar controller.It cannot only extend the service life of battery,but also provide necessary protection over the whole system.


1. Automatic identify system voltage, totally compatible with 12V/24V

2. LCD displaying and double button operation of man-machine interface.

3. 3 stage PWM charging mode: Bulk,Boost, Float.

4. Load control mode:Sensor mode,Time mode,Discharging capacity limited mode.

5. Operation log function:account charging and discharging ampere hour of the system the working days,times of HVD, times of LVD and times of over current protection.

6. Accurate temperature compensation, it can automatically accommodate the charging voltage according to the environmental temperature, optimizing for long battery life.


1. PV reverse polarity protection

2. PV short circuit protection

3. Thunder protection

4. Battery overcharge protection

5. Battery over discharge protection

6. Battery reverse polarity protection

7. Load overload protection

8. Load short circuit protection


Mode - LD2410C

System Voltage - 12V/24V

Max. Input Voltage of solar panel - 55V

Self-consumption - ≤12mA

Max. charge current - 10A

Max. discharge current - 10A

LVD - 12Vsystem11.0V  ADJ 11.0….12V  ×2  24V

LVR - 12Vsystem12.6V  ADJ 12.6….13V  ×2  24V

Float Voltage - 12Vsystem13.8V  ADJ 13.0….14V  ×2  24V

Boost charging - 12Vsystem14.4V  ×2  24V  Battery Voltage less

than 12V start boost charging 2 hours

Battery Over Voltage Protection - 16.5V

Reverse Connection Protection - yes

Load Over current Protection - Yes, each two minutes restart once

Charge Type PWM

Temperature Compensation - 12V system -24mV/Celsius degree×2  24V

Working Temperature - -20Celsius degree --- +50Celsius degree

Terminal Scale - 28-10AWG

Waterproof grade - IP32

Size - 168×92×41.5 mm

Net weight - 320g

Package - 40pcs/ctn


Wuhan Welead S&T Co.,Ltd является интегрированной компанией в сфере солнечной энергии, специализирующейся на НИОКР, производстве и продаже контроллеров солнечной зарядки в Ухань, Китай. Компания сертифицирована по стандартам CE, ROHS и IEC. LDSOLAR наш зарегистрированный бренд. Наши основные позиции включают солнечные контроллеры PWM, которые представлены сериями Land Dream и Sky Dream Series. Wuhan Welead S&T Co.,Ltd is an integrated solar energy company specialized in R&D, Producing and marketing solar charge controllers in Wuhan China. The company is CE,ROHS and IEC registered. With registered brand LDSOLAR, our main items include PWM solar controllers which is represented by Land Dream Series and Sky Dream Series.

Company : Wuhan Welead S&T Co.,Ltd

430000 China Hubei Wuhan NO.1005, 10th floor Block B, Fortune Square NO.16, Liye Road Economical and Technology Development Zone

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