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PTFE Rods, Sheets, Bushes buy wholesale - company ТОО
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Fluorine plastic is a material obtained by chemical means. It has a high chemical resistance, does not change when boiling in aqua regia. Ftoroplast-4 is characterized by inertness, low porosity, excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Maintains high mechanical strength in the temperature range from -190 ° C to + 250 ° C. It has a low, almost independent of temperature coefficient of friction, hydrophobic, physiologically inert. The dielectric properties remain unchanged up to 200 ° C, chemical - up to 250 ° C.

These properties allow the use of fluoroplastic products in the chemical, electrical industry, instrument making, mechanical engineering, nuclear power, food, light and medical industries.

In mechanical engineering, fluoroplastic and compositions based on it are used in friction units of mechanisms of machines and devices as bearings and sliding bearings, movable seals - piston rings, cuffs, etc. The use of fluoroplastics in friction units increases the reliability and durability of mechanisms, ensures stable operation in aggressive environments, deep vacuum and at cryogenic temperatures.